How To Use A V60 Pour Over - Everything you need to know

How To Use A V60 Pour Over - Everything you need to know

The V60 coffee dripper has a long history that dates back to the 1950’s, with its distinctive V-shaped cone at a 60° angle (hence its called V60).   

The V60 differs from its popular counterpart the Chemex in a number of ways. Whilst the hourglass shape of the Chemex acts as a decanter as well as the brewing device the V60 instead sits straight on top of your coffee mug.

Another benefit of this simple design is manifest in its price point with the V60 being one of the cheapest brewers on the market.


Why You'll Love a V60

There are a number of advantages to the V60 brew method other than the precision and transparent flavour that set it apart from other filter brew methods.

Firstly you don’t need a lot of fancy tools like you would for Syphon or Aeropress coffee, and the costs involved are lower than investing in a Mochamaster or Espresso machine (Espresso isn't a filter, just testing you).

Another advantage, and my personal favourite, is there’s not a lot of cleaning up to do when you finish brewing, leaving you more time to get Naked and drink coffee.

Now, before we get started, we have to get a few things in order. If you haven’t read our coffee fundamentals blog, scooch yourself over and have a read here.

That’ll give you a few basic brewing tips and best practices to ensure you’re doing all the right things for a juicy filter brew.

Here we go!


How To Make A Great V60 Coffee

Tools & Equipment



  1. Boil your kettle to boiling point.
  2. Place your filter paper into the V60 and place it on top of your mug or server.
  3. Rinse the filter with hot water, and discard water.
  4. Grind 12g of coffee (or 24g for two cups) and place in the filter.
  5. Tap the V60 gently on the bench to settle the grinds so they are flat.
  6. Gently pour 50g of 96℃ water over the coffee in a circular motion from the outside to the middle, making sure to wet all the grinds.
  7. Give the coffee a stir to ensure all the grinds are saturated and wait 30 seconds, allowing the coffee to “Bloom”.
  8. Slowly and gently in a circular motion, pour an additional 150g of water. (350g for two cups)
  9. Give the coffee one last stir, ensuring the coffee is fully extracted.
  10. Kick back, drink your coffee and enjoy!


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