At Naked Espresso, our business philosophy is simple:

We believe in customer support,
ongoing training and quality in the cup.

We pride ourselves on integrity and knowledge of the coffee industry
and are driven in understanding and sharing your vision.

When you decide to partner with Naked Espresso, you are partnering
with passionate professionals who care about the ongoing success of your business.


Get Naked
in your Café

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, we can assist you in developing the right coffee, equipment and customer experience for your café.

We pride ourselves in customer service and aim to immerse ourselves in your café in order to improve the quality, efficiency and consistency of your coffee.

Get Naked
at Home

No matter what type of coffee equipment you have at home, we have the coffee for you and we will take the time to grind the coffee to your liking.

We also offer a large range of equipment suitable for home use and can advise which equipment is best suited for your needs.

Get Naked
in the Office

We offer a special corporate discount for offices on all our coffee blends.

We also offer a wide range of espresso machine’s and grinders suitable for office use, no matter how many employees you may have.