The 'Naked' Coffee Bean Journey

Coffee Bean Journey

Our 'Naked' coffee bean journey will take you to India, showcasing the humble process of the coffee bean from crop to cup.

1. Coffee Flower - [Coffea]. A bee needs to pollinate the flower to produce coffee cherries.
2. Coffee Cherries - Arabica coffee cherries.
3. Coffee Cherries - Robusta coffee cherries.
4. Coffee Plant - Arabica coffee plant with cherries. The plant grows to approximately 4 foot high!
5. Coffee Picker - Only the ripe cherries are picked.
6. Sorting Cherries - Picker sorts the ripe cherries ready for weighing and processing.
7. Processing - There are two processes 'honey' or 'natural'.
8. Patio - The coffee beans need to be turned every couple of hours for four days until completely dried.
9. Dried Beans - Dried coffee beans ready to be bagged and roasted.
10. Honey Process - Coffee beans are dried in beds with some of the mucilage left on them.
11. Naked Espresso Coffee - The end result is a delicious cup of 'Naked' coffee.

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Posted on August 21, 2015 .