Barista Training - The Naked Way

Barista Training

At Naked Espresso, we believe that barista training is one of the most important essentials behind the success of any café. We educate and empower baristas to understand how coffee and equipment changes within the environment. We offer after hours on-site training either at your cafe or at our cafes. All training is followed up with regular visits to reassess the baristas’ level of skill.

STEP 1 - Introduction & Education
Baristas are given an introduction and a tour of Naked Espresso, and then the journey of the coffee bean from Crop to Cup is explained!

STEP 2 - Dosing & Distribution
Baristas are shown how to manage working with coffee grinders, in order to achieve, produce and master a consistent flavour in the cup.

STEP 3 - Milk Texturing & Pouring
Various techniques are shown and demonstrated, in order to produce a well balanced and finished cup.

STEP 4 - Latte Art
Where the fun begins!
Barristers are then given time to put all their training and knowledge they have acquired to produce a variety of coffees, that not only taste good, but present perfectly each time!

STEP 5 - Practice makes perfect!

Posted on September 8, 2015 .

The 'Naked' Coffee Bean Journey

Coffee Bean Journey

Our 'Naked' coffee bean journey will take you to India, showcasing the humble process of the coffee bean from crop to cup.

1. Coffee Flower - [Coffea]. A bee needs to pollinate the flower to produce coffee cherries.
2. Coffee Cherries - Arabica coffee cherries.
3. Coffee Cherries - Robusta coffee cherries.
4. Coffee Plant - Arabica coffee plant with cherries. The plant grows to approximately 4 foot high!
5. Coffee Picker - Only the ripe cherries are picked.
6. Sorting Cherries - Picker sorts the ripe cherries ready for weighing and processing.
7. Processing - There are two processes 'honey' or 'natural'.
8. Patio - The coffee beans need to be turned every couple of hours for four days until completely dried.
9. Dried Beans - Dried coffee beans ready to be bagged and roasted.
10. Honey Process - Coffee beans are dried in beds with some of the mucilage left on them.
11. Naked Espresso Coffee - The end result is a delicious cup of 'Naked' coffee.

Why not pop in and see us 892 North Road, Bentleigh East and enjoy the Naked Espresso bean!

Posted on August 21, 2015 .

Look who’s getting Naked in their office!!

Naked Espresso supplied to Seek.png

Things have been heating up at Seek Australia’s Office with their employees literally lining up around the corner, to either escape the cold or for the love of our coffee. Either way, their Habitat Manager Adam Duck said they’re keeping warm and happy, so it’s all good!

Naked Espresso has been supplying SEEK Australia with coffee in their office for just over 18 months now, keeping their 600 employees very happy each and every day, no matter the weather!!

• A special corporate discount for offices on all our coffee blends.
• A wide range of espresso machine’s and grinders suitable for office use, no matter how many employees.
• Take home coffee available in 1kg/250g bags, ground to order.

So why not contact us to get Naked in your office today!

Posted on July 27, 2015 .

LAUNCH- Cafe & Flagship Store

Things have been really busy for us at Naked Espresso over the last couple of months, which is really exciting as we launched a new cafe and flagship store called 'North East Precinct', located in the South East Suburbs of Bentleigh East.

The focus is on our specialty coffee, serving Naked Espresso's blends and rotating single origins, alternative brewing methods and specialty tea, together with a simple yet tasty, wholesome all day food menu.

We've already had some incredible reviews, click on the publications below to check them out!
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Pop in for a coffee and a chat, or to pick up your favourite Naked Espresso blend, at North East Precinct: 892 North Road, Bentleigh East, Victoria 3165.

Posted on June 1, 2015 .